About Us

Redgate Holdings Ltd has grown to become one of Manchester’s leading contractor’s in the waste industry and has strong company values based around sustainable environmental practice and local economic benefit including direct employment strategies and community involvement. The Company is privately owned, employs in excess of 30 staff and is a member of several Industry Associations.

With our established resources and skills we recognise that the past and current use of Landfill has been and will continue to be unsustainable and alternatives must be found and implemented. As time passes this fact will only become more significant and it is this that drives our business forward in our commitment to Landfill Diversion and increased Recycling achievements.

Our Fleet of vehicles and plant all meet the highest European directives for emissions, our MRF Plant is powered by optimum efficiency methods, over 60% of our staff travel to work by cycle or public transport and we are supported by and an advocate of the “Manchester – A Certain Future” Climate Change Action Plan. Redgate are proud to be based in Manchester, Employ in Manchester and service the recycling needs for Manchester’s Organisations, Businesses and Residents.